Thank you for visiting our store! FOOTE is a small brand located in Oslo, Norway. Our clothing is high quality and made with love. Our patters are easy to follow for everybody. We want to give you a choice to either make it or invest in it and our pieces are meant to last you a long time. We hope you love them! FOOTE

Vil du lære å sy?

SY MED FOOTE er en komplett sy-plattform med alt du trenger for å lære å sy. Perfekt for de som aldri har sydd før men også erfarne syere. Bli medlem HER. For å lære mer se videoen under eller klikk HER

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Non Printable Sewing Patterns

Easy sewing patterns with a detailed step by step description. 

  • SOFIE:

    "Hi! I made the Summertop this evening and I LOVE it!! Its so cute, the sewing pattern and the "step by step" tutorial made it so easy and fun to sew! I have never sown before but I was able to make this easily🥰 I hope you will make more patterns in the future!"


  • MARI:

    "Hi! I just have to say that I managed to make the top!! The pattern (and tutorial on TikTok) was so good!, it was easy to follow even for someone who has never sown anything before!❤️ Thank you so much for the help🥰"


  • EMMA:

    "Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I got the clothing now and they are STUNNING, I love them already. 😍"